Ultimate Body Slide – Black

The Ultimate Body Slide has been designed for regular as well as body-to-body massages. It comes with in atable sides letting you use even more lubricant without making a mess. The Slide can be used as often as you like, as it is made of sturdy and long-lasting material. When you’re done, simply clean the Ultimate Body Slide with water and some soap. We’ve added a bottle of highly concentrated lubricant into the package, which you need to dilute with water before use. There’s enough for about 5 litres of lubricant! Give your love life a complete new dimension with this ultimate body-to-body massage slide!

Body Slide Lubricant is a superb water-based, PH neutral lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Keep out of reach of little children. Store in a cool dark place. Directions for use: Dilute with water, 1 bottle lubricant(80ML), 60 parts water(4.8L).

* Specifications
– Length: 187 cm
– Width: 156 cm
– Height: 16 cm
– Inflatable: Yes
– Body-Safe: Yes
– Easy to use: Yes
– Lubricant included: Yes

* The sides of this Body Slide are inflatable, to prevent leakage on the floor or bed.

* Comes with a bottle of concentrated lubricant, which after mixing with water brings up to 5 liters of lubricant.

* The Body Slide is easy to clean under the shower .

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Purchase:  Price: $53.49

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