Massage In A Box Guavalava

Massage In A Box Guavalava from Earthly Body. Earthly Body Mini Mania Travel Set Guavalava.Leave your skin feeling healthy, radiant, and silky smooth wherever you go. All of these products contain an ultra moisturizing blend of Hemp Seed and other nutrient rich oils to help moisturize your skin in all weather conditions. Now you can quench your skins thirst everywhere you go. Set includes 2 ounces Bath and shower Gel, 1 ounce Hand and Body Lotion, 2 ounces 3-in-1 Massage Candle, and Lip Balm Stick. Guavalava scent is a combination of guava and blackberry. UPC: 814487021478. Mfg #: HSMM068
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